Choosing Bathroom Vanities For a Modern Home

The key to buying furniture for modern homes is quite simple – make it utilitarian, minimalistic, and space-saving. A few elegant artistic lines are an added bonus.Bathroom vanities are no exception. You get them in all different sizes and different kinds, but you have to pick the one that’s just right. Currently, modern bathroom vanities usually have the following features:1. Minimalistic. The age of huge, chunky ornaments and carving is over. People want to live simple lives rather than revel in their own opulence, and the most expensive of things today are often the simplest and most delicate. Go for simple one-color or bordered finishes, clean and simple lines.2. Transparent. Glass is “in” in a big way. Your vanity could have a glass paneled door, or even a glass sink. For aesthetic purposes, tinted or stained glass works better than transparent in your sink.3. Small. Modern homes are usually small. If you are lucky or rich enough to have a huge bathroom, make sure to utilize that space rather than clutter it with the largest possible furniture items. If you have a small bathroom, make sure that it’s friendly for emergency access. Wall-mounted vanities let you access a lot of floor space, while serving as storage units as well.4. Vessel sinks. Vessel sinks are mounted on top of the vanity rather than embedded into it. While glass vessel sinks can look stunningly contemporary, stone vessel sinks in a variety of finishes – marble, malachite, granite etc – can serve as a pleasing vintage-y contrast to your ultra-modern bathroom.5. Adventurous faucets. Faucets are no longer those stainless steel eyesores that have knobs to grasp and twist. Today, faucets come in stainless steel, bronze, chrome, nickel and even black finishes. Beautifully crafted in thousands of designs, they let you choose from knobs to levers to automatic infrared detection. They may be wall mounted as well as attached to your vanity. I hope you won’t take ugly faucets for granted any more after reading this.6. Storage space. Modern homes need storage space. A classy bathroom vanity can let you store your towels and bathrobes as well as cosmetics without looking ugly. If you can afford it – which shouldn’t be tough from a factory price discounted store – this gives you more reason to buy that double vanity you know you need.Everything I’ve said here is a mere guideline, not to be taken as gospel. The Internet is full of vanities that you can see for yourself. If you measure your bathroom, you will easily be able to tell what size of vanity you’re looking for. If you still can’t, ask someone experienced to estimate the size for you.At the end of the day, pick the bathroom vanity that suits your idea of style and utility, within a reasonable budget. Being modern is all about choosing for yourself, and that’s all that you need to be doing.

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