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Single Family to Multifamily (Apartment) Investing, Making a Successful Transition

“If you are not getting bigger, you are getting smaller.”We’ve all heard the quote in business, but have you applied it to your real estate investing career?If you’ve been investing in real estate for awhile, this article is for you. It’s time you take the next step in your investing career. It’s time to use all the knowledge you’ve learned over the years in single family investing and apply it at the next level. It’s time to go from single family to multifamily real estate investments. It’s the logical next step. It will accelerate your wealth and grow your cash flow. There has never been a better time.Are you ready to take the next step in your real estate investing career? Are you ready to go from single family to multifamily investing? If so, there are a few things you need to know so that your jump has a smooth landing.Here are 5 key differences you must know to make a successful transition from single family to multifamily investing:1. How to determine value. One big difference between single family and multifamily investing is how value is determined. Single family home value is determined by looking at sales of comparable homes. Homes can also be priced per square foot. Apartments are not priced by looking at similar property sales. Multifamily property value is determined by the income it produces.2. How to read a financial statement. To be successful in multifamily investing you must know how to read and evaluate an investment property’s financial statements and understand the metrics used to evaluate them. Do you know what Net Operating Income is? Have you heard of CAP Rates? Can you calculate the cash on cash return? You must know what these mean to make a successful transition.3. How to increase or decrease property value. Creating value can be straightforward in single family homes. If you add a bathroom or granite countertops, you increase the home’s value. In commercial properties it’s not that cut and dried. If you add granite countertops, it doesn’t mean you have increased the property value. Value in commercial real estate is created by increasing the cash flow. If installing granite countertops allowed you to increase your cash flow, then it increased the value of the property. If it did not increase the cash flow, it did not increase the value. Knowing how value is increased or decreased is critical in making a successful transition into commercial investing.4. It’s up to you. In single family investing several protections, known as “disclosures,” are put in place to protect the buyers. A single family realtor or seller has to disclose if they know the home has mold or a foundation that is caving in. In commercial investing, the seller does not have to disclose everything. There is much less buyer protection. There are fewer protections for the buyer because it is assumed that the purchase is for investment purposes. It is also assumed that the investor is educated and capable of doing his own research.5. Financing is different. Single family home lending relies on the credit of the buyer. The buyer must qualify for the home loan personally. Lenders determine if they will loan money to you based on your ability to pay the loan payment for that home. In commercial property financing, the lender is much more interested in the property’s ability to pay the loan. Lenders do not expect the buyer to pay the loan payments themselves. They expect the property to be able to pay the loan payments each month. The property makes payments through the rent it receives from its tenants. The same can be said for retail, industrial, and multifamily investment properties. The lender will not finance the property if they do not think the property can support the loan payments. The lender will still look at the individual borrower, however the emphasis for the lending decision is on the investment property itself.”If you are not getting bigger, you are getting smaller.” It applies to business as well as real estate investing. If you are ready to take the next step in your investing career, it’s time to jump from single family to multifamily investing. Knowing the key differences between single family and multifamily investing will help your leap have a soft landing.

Guanacaste Incentive Travel Programs: An Impeccable Beach Getaway Paired With a Sense of Adventure

Every individual dreams of the perfect beach vacation where they can kick back, enjoy the scenery, and try something new; however, this setting is not easily obtainable for everyone. This desire presents an opportunity to an organization wanting to offer an incentive for staff or member improvements. Travel is becoming the motivational method of choice because it supplies something out of the ordinary to those being challenged. Guanacaste incentive travel plans allow a company to attain desired performance and supply a dream vacation in return. This Costa Rican province resides along the Pacific Ocean coastline south of Mexico. The locations climate is unique to other provinces found in Costa Rica. Minimal rainfall and steady heat are common through the months of November to April. The supplied timeframe allows tourists to get away from the colder temperatures experienced in other countries and spend some time in the sun. Daily rain showers with more moderate temperatures are typical for the rest of the year.Incentive Travel: What Wonders Wait At This Costa Rican Province?As an incentive travel destination, the province delivers the perfect atmosphere to a group or individual seeking a relaxing trip in a new atmosphere. It is a destination with the adventurous activities most desire to try when on vacation. Scenery comprises of the Pacific Coastline, volcanic masses, cloud forests, the jungle, waterfalls, and various rivers. The local environment promotes activities that are not possible at other travel destinations. The combination allows individuals to relax or take an active approach to their trip without searching extensively for the right activity. Things to do include:• Whitewater Rafting• Zip Line Tours• Deep Sea Fishing• Mountain Biking• Scuba Diving• Snorkeling• Off-Road Tours• Tubing• Trekking• Surfing• Sailing• Wildlife ToursThis incentive travel destination allows any individual to experience an adventure unlike any other while still providing the desired beach getaway. Rincon de la Vieja Volcano Park is a top attraction in the area due to the mass remaining active and assorted wild life. Fishing charters can be found at several ports in Guanacaste and visitors have the opportunity to experience the therapeutic benefits of local natural hot springs. Four Seasons has built stunning resort areas that supply world-class golf among other amenities. Countless sea life makes Guanacaste an ideal place to visit for avid snorkelers or scuba divers.Beaches at Guanacaste are famous for their immense surfing opportunities and countless tours or classes can be taken to become familiar with this popular destination activity. The area offers plenty of space to ride the perfect wave even with its immense popularity. Surfing spots can be found throughout the region to accommodate varying skill levels. This particular Costa Rican province is home to several national parks with stunning scenery. Businesses can use Guanacaste incentive travel activities or the supplied natural scenery to easily gain desired results. A professional service can make the endeavor even more worthwhile by assisting with reward planning and budgeting. Their inside knowledge proves to be beneficial when making these large scale plans by ensuring companies receive a one of a kind itinerary at the most reasonable price.

What Services Are Provided by Demolition Contractors

Demolition contractors perform several services that include removing homes, buildings, and structures from their respective sites. They perform their removal duties assigned to them by different companies. After completing a demolition project, the demolition contractor is also responsible for removing building materials and debris from their site.

These contractors perform different services, which includes the following-

Demolition of wood
Demolition of drainage system
Demolition of concrete structures and buildings
Demolition of underground piping
Demolition of asphalt surfaces.
Demolition of old railroad tracks
Demolition of structural construction
Professional Services
Demolition company’s services are the only option to count on when you want to tear a residential or a commercial structure within the schedule since demolishing the entire structure is just a one-step of the whole demolition project. Demolition contractors are largely contacted these days to handle the large portion of fallen debris very securely and safely. They are well trained and experienced in their job without causing any risk of damage to the demolition site. Their services include professional tools and special equipment to haul large chunks of demolished structures, including lead pipes, a few hazardous items, and beams. The demolition team is well trained to clear the job site using the necessary heavy-duty tools and equipment.

Waste Management and Environmental Responsibility

Demolition companies are specialists who know what should be done with the fallen waste material and debris after finishing the demolition work. As soon as the demolition work is completed, they smoothly transport and dispose of the materials at the designated waste management sites. They efficiently manage waste materials such as asbestos, a dangerous material, and handle them with care. The contractors also use some of the waste materials in recycling or reusing, including pieces of wood and metal.

Inspecting and Quality Assurance

The demolition contractors carefully inspect the demolition site, and on ensuring that the site has been cleared properly with no shards of metallic objects or toxic waste substances leaving behind the surrounding environment, they allow the commencement of new building construction in that site. They ensure that there are no environmental risks involved in the whole demolition work. They deal carefully with leaks in the plumbing line or gas lines. They check the quality assurance by ensuring no spillage of harmful material has taken place in the vicinity, resulting in serious injuries. Ignorance of quality assurance may lead to legal consequences as well. Thus they effectively perform their duties of inspection.

Safety Measures

The demolition contractors take several safety measures such as -

Fencing the site of demolition
Setting up clothing, equipment, and other personal safety measures.
Use special sackcloth to cover the building to protect the building’s perimeter from falling rubble.
Installation of scaffolding.
Taking help of the municipal police or a security company to safeguard the building.
A good demolition company follows the safety protocols in the job site and takes care of the health and safety of the public and its workers. It also ensures the security of its employees and the workplace.
Other Services

Demolition projects are unique, and each of the project’s specifications and requirements is different. So the demolition company always meets the requirements by paying attention to detail. They follow an in-depth process and offer a job review survey to ensure that customers are fully satisfied. Other services include-

Making a Pre-project plan
Assessing the site properly
Cleaning site regularly
Safety and health assessment
We are one of the top demolition contractors Vancouver that works efficiently and safely on demolishing buildings. You can count on us to get your work of removing a house on your property done soundly and promptly. Please contact us if you are searching for a demolition excavation service.